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What’s on your plate for today?

We’ve added a new feature to remind you when cases are due and when events are scheduled for today, as well as an alert whenever a case is updated. These features are designed to help you stay on top of your casework and prevent it falling by the wayside and we’re keen to hear how else you’d like to receive reminders – whether by text, email or another way. Let us know.

Add notes to your address book

If you need to note down anything against someone in your address book, you can use the new Notes feature in the People tab. It’s useful for taking notes at your regular surgery, recording someone’s political party, and anything you need to remember later.

Add notes and reminders to contacts.

Improvements to case updating

During a recent survey, you asked for improvements to case updating and we’ve added the features you asked for. It’s now possible to change the due date and re-assign a case when adding an update, which should help save time. We’ve also made files in cases more descriptive, using the title you’ve given it.

Coming soon: link multiple residents to a case.

Import your contacts list

Do you have an existing contacts list or address book which needs adding to eCasework? While we build a new feature to let you do this yourself, we’re happy to import your address book on your behalf in the meantime.

Get in touch to ask us to import your contacts list. You’ll need to send us a CSV or XLS file, which you can get from NationBuilder, Gmail and other services. We’ll use that to build your address book, and if you have any questions at all, just ask! 😊

News from eCasework

There are plenty of tricks to deal with casework overload, but now there’s one to help you quickly sort the wheat from the chaff: custom tags.

By adding custom tags to your cases and contacts, you can easily find everything related to potholes, licensing, Baker Grove, or anything you choose. There’s no limit to the number or nature of tags you can create. Find out how to tag cases, how to group contacts with custom tags, and search through your casework for specific items.

Click a tag to search for the group

Imagine the following scenario. Ms Dean has been in touch to complain about the noise from a nearby building site. You’ve taken it up with the council and they’ll be visiting the site soon. But what about everyone else that lives near Ms Dean?

Luckily, you’ve tagged each person with the name of the street they live on, meaning you can click the tag and quickly find Ms Dean and her neighbours. Now you can be proactive and get in touch to tell them it’s being sorted.

By grouping people together using tags, you can quickly and easily find people with common traits.

Descriptive page titles

Are you waiting for an email or expecting an officer to reply to a case? Whenever there’s an update that needs your attention, we’ll show the number of alerts in the eCasework tab of your web browser. So, if you’ve been distracted by important news about the age of water, at least you’ll know when to get back to work!
Alerts in the tab menu.

Profile pictures

A picture paints a thousand words…unless you consider profile pictures, which paint a few words at best: a person’s name. Add profile pictures to your contacts and they’ll show up on cases, making it easy to distinguish between those Adam Smiths and Jane Does.

Alongside those updates we’ve squashed the bugs, made it easier to use and prettied things up a bit. Please keep suggesting things we can improve or add, your feedback is invaluable.

News from eCasework

Found a pothole while out and about? Been approached by a resident in the supermarket? Want to check a case on the bus?

There’s no time like the present. Now you can help local residents wherever you may be with eCasework on your smartphone. To start managing casework on your Android or iOS device, visit the website on your smartphone and log in to your account – it’s that simple!

Use your smartphone to snap a photo

Use your smartphone to snap a photo.

When you’re out and about in your ward, you might spot something that needs sorting out. You can raise this as casework instantly with your smartphone’s camera by creating a case and attaching a photo.
Use the ‘Attach file to case’ link when creating a case, choose ‘from your device’ and then select your device’s camera from the list. Once you’ve taken a photo it’ll be attached to your case automatically. (This uses your data connection on 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi, so be mindful of your data limits.)

Along with the mobile release, we’ve improved the app’s performance and fixed all bugs. If you have any ideas for things you’d like to see on your dashboard, let us know and we can add it to the list.

News from eCasework

It’s been a few weeks since we released our last update and – despite our deep desires – it’s not because we’ve been lazing around in the sun. We’re currently building the mobile version of eCasework, bringing constituency management to the palm of your hand. (In fact, we’re looking for councillors to help us test the system, so read this blog if you’re interested in helping out.) There were a few bits and pieces we need to work in first, though, and he’s what’s included in today’s release (v.0.1.11).

Sync your calendars

Need to check your casework calendar but not near a computer? Fear not, you can now add your eCasework calendar to your smartphone and online calendars.

Emailing council officers

When it’s time for officers to get involved, you can bring them into the picture by sending the case history. Click ‘Send email from case’ on the case’s details page, include the relevant case updates and pass it on. All replies will be recorded.

Attach files when adding a case

If you’re walking around your ward and found something that needs fixing, you’ll want to get it sorted straight away. We’ve given you the option to attach a file or photo whilst creating a case, making doorstepping and surgeries easier than ever.

Assistants: update cases from your inbox

Things can get a little hectic in Member Services, so we’ve improved the way you manage cases via email. You’ll now receive detailed email notifications and can update the case immediately.

And finally…

It’s good to talk. So whenever you’ve got a burning question or something’s not working, tell us immediately. We’ve added live chat to eCasework, meaning you can get in touch without emails or phones. We’re available immediately during the week, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., and we can get to you quickly outside those hours too.
Chat with us!

News from eCasework

Though you might be a local hero to some, there are times when even the most accomplished councillor needs to call on a helping hand. These democratic angels come in the form of assistants – known as council officers or Members Services to some – and can help councillors by making enquiries or ensuring the council acts upon residents’ problems. Given that assistants can be so instrumental in making things better for local people, we thought they should have the tools to make a difference.

This morning we released a new version of eCasework (v.0.1.10, if you’re interested!) which allows your assistants to send emails from cases. All messages sent out are recorded in the case, and any replies received are added as an update, forming a full history of the conversations that helped solve a case. There’s no need for you or your assistants to change any settings as the update is now available to all users.

That’s what we’ve been up to the past few weeks. What have you been doing? Keep up to date with all our goings on and join the eCasework mailing list.

News from eCasework

Whilst you’re out there helping local residents, we’re over here at eCasework HQ tinkering with the app to make it better. Each fortnight we roll these improvements into a new release and send it on its merry way to councillors across the United Kingdom.

And this seems like the ideal time to welcome all new councillors, who were elected to represent their ward during the recent local elections in England. Congratulations!

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