Keeping track of residents’ issues

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Good communication and engagement is central to a councillor’s role. You’re the bridge between a council and its citizens, and keeping track of who has raised problems can make your life a lot easier.

When a resident raises a problem, they’re going to expect a resolution. But once that problem is solved, who should tell the resident? Each council has its own way of keeping up with residents, but we recommend that councillors take the lead and communicate with citizens directly. People trust local advocates who are seen to be improving the quality of life in their neighbourhood…and that’s you!

To help you keep track of residents’ issues, you can note down details of your constituents in eCasework. Think of it like an electronic address book, except this address book can tell you much more than names, addresses and numbers. Watch the video below to explore the People section of eCasework.

Remember: By collecting the personal details of local residents, you will be acting as a data controller under the Data Protection Act 1998 and should adhere to the legislation. The Information Commissioner’s Office has advice for elected and prospective councillors on the use of personal information in your role.

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