New in eCasework: label your casework and contacts list

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There are plenty of tricks to deal with casework overload, but now there’s one to help you quickly sort the wheat from the chaff: custom tags.

By adding custom tags to your cases and contacts, you can easily find everything related to potholes, licensing, Baker Grove, or anything you choose. There’s no limit to the number or nature of tags you can create. Find out how to tag cases, how to group contacts with custom tags, and search through your casework for specific items.

Click a tag to search for the group

Imagine the following scenario. Ms Dean has been in touch to complain about the noise from a nearby building site. You’ve taken it up with the council and they’ll be visiting the site soon. But what about everyone else that lives near Ms Dean?

Luckily, you’ve tagged each person with the name of the street they live on, meaning you can click the tag and quickly find Ms Dean and her neighbours. Now you can be proactive and get in touch to tell them it’s being sorted.

By grouping people together using tags, you can quickly and easily find people with common traits.

Descriptive page titles

Are you waiting for an email or expecting an officer to reply to a case? Whenever there’s an update that needs your attention, we’ll show the number of alerts in the eCasework tab of your web browser. So, if you’ve been distracted by important news about the age of water, at least you’ll know when to get back to work!
Alerts in the tab menu.

Profile pictures

A picture paints a thousand words…unless you consider profile pictures, which paint a few words at best: a person’s name. Add profile pictures to your contacts and they’ll show up on cases, making it easy to distinguish between those Adam Smiths and Jane Does.

Alongside those updates we’ve squashed the bugs, made it easier to use and prettied things up a bit. Please keep suggesting things we can improve or add, your feedback is invaluable.

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