New in eCasework: reminders for cases, notes for contacts

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What’s on your plate for today?

We’ve added a new feature to remind you when cases are due and when events are scheduled for today, as well as an alert whenever a case is updated. These features are designed to help you stay on top of your casework and prevent it falling by the wayside and we’re keen to hear how else you’d like to receive reminders – whether by text, email or another way. Let us know.

Add notes to your address book

If you need to note down anything against someone in your address book, you can use the new Notes feature in the People tab. It’s useful for taking notes at your regular surgery, recording someone’s political party, and anything you need to remember later.

Add notes and reminders to contacts.

Improvements to case updating

During a recent survey, you asked for improvements to case updating and we’ve added the features you asked for. It’s now possible to change the due date and re-assign a case when adding an update, which should help save time. We’ve also made files in cases more descriptive, using the title you’ve given it.

Coming soon: link multiple residents to a case.

Import your contacts list

Do you have an existing contacts list or address book which needs adding to eCasework? While we build a new feature to let you do this yourself, we’re happy to import your address book on your behalf in the meantime.

Get in touch to ask us to import your contacts list. You’ll need to send us a CSV or XLS file, which you can get from NationBuilder, Gmail and other services. We’ll use that to build your address book, and if you have any questions at all, just ask! 😊

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