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It’s been a few weeks since we released our last update and – despite our deep desires – it’s not because we’ve been lazing around in the sun. We’re currently building the mobile version of eCasework, bringing constituency management to the palm of your hand. (In fact, we’re looking for councillors to help us test the system, so read this blog if you’re interested in helping out.) There were a few bits and pieces we need to work in first, though, and he’s what’s included in today’s release (v.0.1.11).

Sync your calendars

Need to check your casework calendar but not near a computer? Fear not, you can now add your eCasework calendar to your smartphone and online calendars.

Emailing council officers

When it’s time for officers to get involved, you can bring them into the picture by sending the case history. Click ‘Send email from case’ on the case’s details page, include the relevant case updates and pass it on. All replies will be recorded.

Attach files when adding a case

If you’re walking around your ward and found something that needs fixing, you’ll want to get it sorted straight away. We’ve given you the option to attach a file or photo whilst creating a case, making doorstepping and surgeries easier than ever.

Assistants: update cases from your inbox

Things can get a little hectic in Member Services, so we’ve improved the way you manage cases via email. You’ll now receive detailed email notifications and can update the case immediately.

And finally…

It’s good to talk. So whenever you’ve got a burning question or something’s not working, tell us immediately. We’ve added live chat to eCasework, meaning you can get in touch without emails or phones. We’re available immediately during the week, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., and we can get to you quickly outside those hours too.
Chat with us!

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