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Pick a picture to represent yourself. (No, not a selfie.) Find a shape or symbol that shows your character. Not so easy is it? As a councillor, there’s no doubting the values you stand for but choosing an image that shouts those ideas too can be tough.

That’s what we we’ve been up to recently. We know what eCasework is and where its future lies, but how do you translate that into pictures? Hire a bunch of talented designers, of course! Here’s what they came up with.

An idea from Charcoal Eater. An idea from NRE Branding Studio. eCasework logo idea from HenDsign.

Rather good, aren’t they? We were blessed with a wealth of design talent but had to settle on one. After a couple of round-tables and one seemingly prophetic dream (imagine your boss is a logo, that’s essentially the narrative that played out), we finally settled on our choice.

Et voilà! The winning designer was NRE Branding Studio whose designer used a bespoke font face for the typography and simplified the icon based on our feedback. Gone now are the bulky filing cabinets full of papers, reams of letters you could forget to reply to and leave someone sorry they elected you. eCasework is the replacement for that. It stores everything, allows you to access it wherever, whenever, tells you who to talk to and when to get in touch.

It’s your digital filing cabinet. We think the logo encapsulates that perfectly.

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